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Configuring Enhanced Conferencing and Transcoding for Voice Gateway Routers
Welcome to Windows Fax Server solutions!
Cisco - Fax over IP T.37 Store and Forward Fax

T37FSP - Fax Service Provider to send fax via e-mail to an off-ramp gateway
T.37/T.38 Fax Gateway for Cisco 2600 Series Routers and Cisco 3600 Series Routers� [Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.2 T] - Cisco Systems
T.37 OnRamp Faxing� [Fax / Modem over IP] - Cisco Systems
CallManager and IOS Gateway DSP Farm Configuration Example� [Cisco CallManager] - Cisco Systems
BigAdmin Feature Article: Monitoring System Performance With Orca, RRDtool, and the SE Toolkit
OrcaWare Consulting - Home Page
lperfex: a Hardware Performance Monitor for Linux/IA32 Systems
Popular Unix Performance-Monitoring Tools for Linux
Performance Measurement Tools Taxonomy - CAIDA : TOOLS : taxonomy
Computer Performance Monitoring
RTG: Real Traffic Grabber
Wiretapped - Computer Security Software etc.
: "Network Monitoring"

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Open magazine
Make A Shorter Link
Botnets List

It will probably be out-dated real soon., the IP Telephony Site
Clear CSS Sticky

1) To clear use the comand 'sticky-purge ...' from llama mode.

2) To see if an entry exist of a particular ip address, use the command 'sho sticky-table l3-sticky ipaddress ...'

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Multicast FAQ File: "TTL"

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Red Hat Linux Installation and Configuration Mailing List Archives
Dell - Dell Linux - Community Web
Wiki software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Tiki"
Arbor Peakflow

Arbor's Peakflow™ SP coupled with CloudShield's CS-2000™ platform offers Service Providers the most robust & scalable DDoS management and mitigation solution on the market. The solution was built specifically to meet Service Provider requirements.

Cisco IOS Software NetFlow NMS Applications and Partners - Cisco Systems

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
NetOptics - Case for Taps ?
Clear idle VTY sessions

I had this once with a 7500 and a friend at Cisco told me this procedure. I'm not sure if it would help you though. I had an idle session in "show users" output.

To clear the idle session, I typed "show tcp brief". My friend said the stuck one should be in "ESTAB" state, but the one I cleared said "LASTACK", so you can always go by the foreign address. It's better to kick people off temporarily than to have to reboot the router just to clear a stuck VTY session.

To clear the session, type "clear tcp tcb xxxxxxxx", using the hexadecimal TCB address at the beginning of the line from show tcp brief. Then check show users output to see if the session has disappeared.

Diane Turley

Network Engineer

Xspedius Communications Co.


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SNMPSTAT monitoring system v. 5.1 index
TransNexus Home Page

Software for managing VoIP interconnection.

299357 - How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP

299357 - How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows XP

Default Gateway Behavior for Windows TCP/IP: The Cable Guy - September 2003

Default Gateway Behavior for Windows TCP/IP: The Cable Guy - September 2003
Stargeek PHP News, SEO and Tools.
Chesapeake NetCraftsmen - Welcome To Chesapeake NetCraftsmen
Internet Telephony Inside Networking: "Lessons from The Edge: VoIP In The WAN"
CT Labs: Ask Dr. C question - SS7 and VoIP
...::: Micocodz :::...
Routing Overview
Linux advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
Greenfield Networks
networkZONE - a specialty section of analogZONE
NetConfigs.Com - BGP & IP Networking Resources
IP Routing - very easy apache installation

G4techTV - Feature - Windows XP Command Line Utilities

G4techTV - Feature - Windows XP Command Line Utilities
Layer-2 / Layer-3 Traceroute

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T I P : To simulate a phone call being made from a PBX for testing purposes, type the command:

csim start XXXXXXXXX

where XXXXXXXX = the phone number

you want to test

Then you can see if your voice-over-IP (VoIP) configuration is correct on the router. Make sure that you have done a write memory recently, because this command can sometimes crash the router. [csim is a "hidden command" and should be performed from a gateway router.]

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Getting started with RSS

RSS DevCentre

Using RSS News Feeds

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