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Friday, November 26, 2010

Fon - Freedom to WiFi

Fon - Freedom to WiFi: "Fon is the world's first global WiFi network built by people like you. We think of it as crowdsourced WiFi. As a member of the Fon community, you agree to share a little bit of your WiFi at home, and get free roaming at Fon Spots worldwide in return. Sharing WiFi with Fon is safe and secure , and you wont even notice when others are connected because Fon only uses a tiny portion of your bandwidth. Fon has over two million Fon Spots across the globe. Imagine enjoying videos, movies and games at WiFi speeds while you're away from home - for free! Anyone with a broadband connection can join Fon. Just buy a Fonera and connect it to your ADSL/broadband, or activate Fon through one of our partners. Once your Fon Spot has been connected and registered, you're ready to enjoy all the benefits Fon has to offer!"

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