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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MysqlBind - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

MysqlBind - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Like most modern DNS management software, by centralizing all data in a replicated SQL database, and limiting any errors to one software package failure point, DNS service deployment has benefited greatly. Standardization and incremental improvements and bug-fixes have made mysqlBind very stable and extremely scalable. At the same time, since mysqlBind is a BIND server management system only, not a DNS server, it does not rely on a SQL database for the DNS service to work. The mysqlBind SQL server is only needed to be operational for administration and deployment of new zones, new resource records, resource record changes and zone SOA changes. This non-reliance on a live SQL database has been a major point for reliable deployment of large scale DNS services, very critical for the correct operation of the internet."

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