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Monday, December 11, 2006

Scott Weeks Re: M23 vs M13 DS3 Muxing Thu 12/7

> M23 is definitely different than M13. The 1 and 3 refer to T1 and T3.
> In M23, it refers to T2 and T3! I don't know if anyone ever deployed
> T2 in North America but it still exists in some places.

"M13 multiplexing is done in two steps. First, four T1 lines are bit multiplexed together to form a DS2 line using M12 multiplexing. These seven DS2 lines are then bit multiplexed together to form the DS3/T3 using M23 multiplexing."

A great resource for DS-3 info is what used to be TTL's "Fundamentals of DS3". You can find it here:

I also have others. Some are TTC's and some are Acterna's:

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