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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

For those who play with the 7600 and need to know of specific commands for that platform:

7600 cheat-sheet

sho catalyst [Catalyst 6000 info]
sho cwan [Catalyst WAN info]
sho fabric [Crossbar switching data]
sho inventory [Equipment inventory]
sho mls [Multilayer switching]
sho mls statistics
sho mls netflow ip nowrap
sho mls status [undocumented]
sho module [Linecard info]
sho power [Power info]
sho tcam [TCAM info]
sho fm inter nnnn [Feature Manager]
sho idprom module n [IDPROM info]
sho upgrade fpd [Field Programmable Device upgrade]

attach n [Connect to SUP]
remote command switch sho xxxx [Connect to SUP]
ipc-cons n [Connect to Flexwan - undocumented]


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